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  1. Who can use the MyCaveHill Mail service?
  2. How do I change my password?
  3. How big is my mailbox?
  4. What is the maximum size of e-mail I can send and receive?
  5. Where can I access MyCaveHill Mail?
  6. Do I require any software for MyCaveHill Mail?
  7. Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?
  8. Why do I get a message saying that I cannot logon?
  9. What happens if I accidentally delete a message?
  10. Can I redirect my e-mail from another account?
  11. Can I forward email from MyCaveHill Mail account to another email address?
  12. Can I filter my incoming messages?
  13. How can I send e-mail to other students if I do not know their email addresses?
  14. Is my e-mail protected against viruses and spam?
  15. What can I use the Calendar for?








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Other Campus Systems:
CHOL myCaveHill eLearning Student Network Account

Use CHOL to access personal information, academic records and important official information on academic matters such as registration and examinations.

Visit CHOL website »

Use myCaveHill eLearning to view course material, reading lists, goals, quizzes and assignments presented by lecturers.

Visit myCaveHill eLearning website »

Use your network account to access computers on campus, printing facilities, the internet, library journals and software applications relevant to your studies.
Please note that these systems are not interlinked and that the same user name and password cannot be used to access them. Also note that updates made in one system will not be reflected in the other.